2021 Kickoff

2021 Kickoff

Live 2021 Kickoff
February 4, 2021

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Together we will kickoff Relay 2021 through a Facebook Live experience on the Relay For Life national account. Plan to host a watch party and help us launch this new year with new excitement and enthusiasm for your community.

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Relay 2021 Launch Planning - for ELTs

As we look ahead to Saturday when participants will each take their first lap across the globe, use this opportunity to make those final calls to committee members and ask them to join you on Saturday and take a lap. Whether you social distance together or take those first steps individually, use this opportunity to launch the new year.

  • Ask Committee Members to join your Event Leadership Team. Solidify those empty spots
  • Encourage your ELT to participate with you this Saturday for First Lap and take your first steps for Relay 2021.

Resources that might be helpful:

Give your community something to register for by putting your 2021 plans in place. This is your big chance to be creative and think differently about what a “traditional” Relay event might look like this year in your community. Get your ELT together digitally and make a plan so your community can join your efforts.

  • Set aside time to dream together and make a plan. Whether it’s a drive through luminaria, special community celebration for Survivors, multiple smaller events, or a digital experience, don’t wait to “know” what’s going to happen. Make a plan now with all that you already know
  • Update your website and share on social media your new plan.
  • Make a media blitz and let your community know that Relay has not been canceled!!

Resources that may be helpful:

Use this week to take your ELT Recruitment areas through a dreaming exercise. Who are teams you’ve dreamed about having. Take a windshield tour of your community and jot down potential new teams and sponsors to ask to participate in Relay 2021. In February, we will be offering a recruitment challenge and want you to be ready to make the ask

  • Use a lunch break or evening to drive around your community and make a list of potential teams
  • Walk your ELT or other Team Captains through the ______ challenge, making a list of all the people they could ask to be involved.
  • Are there Survivors or high performing participants from the past that you should ask to be a team captain this year?
  • Are there Team Captains you could engage earlier this year to get them more involved and fundraising longer?
  • Did you have a #GoldTogether team this past year? If not, is there a family you could get involved with?

Resources that may be helpful:

This year, we want you and as much as your community to join us for the Relay 2021 Kickoff on Facebook Live on February 4. In conjunction with World Cancer Day, we want to make the global launch and statement to the world that we are still here fighting for patients, caregivers, medical professionals, and communities that support them. Plan to host a safe watch party and join us!

  • Use your Facebook to launch a Facebook Watch party
  • Gather your team captains or ELT in a social distance space where you can spread out and watch the Facebook Live together and plan afterward
  • Use your own Facebook page to have a conversation following the national kickoff – plan something local to gather your Team Captains, ELT, and community members at large to share your plans and vision for your local 2021 Relay plans.

Resources to help you host a Facebook Watch Party:

Resources that may be helpful for digital ELT or Team Captains Meetings:

Resources that may be helpful for hosting Virtual Events:

Share your plans for February 4 with your ELT, Team Captains, and engaged participants. Make sure previous year participants that are not yet registered hear from you and know to join in for all the fun on Facebook Live.

  • Do you have your 2021 Relay plan in place? Have you updated your website or communication so your community knows what they are being invited to participate in?
  • Did you schedule or send out an email through EMT to all previous year participants (2019 and 2020) not yet registered and 2021 registered participants inviting them to join you online for the Nationwide Relay Kickoff and any local virtual kickoff plans you’ve established?
  • Do you need to break up a list of important participants and share a call night with other members of your ELT to make sure everyone knows what’s happening this week?
  • Pull together any details need to host your virtual or social distanced local kickoff
  • Log in on February 4 to the national Relay For Life Facebook account to kick off this amazing year together!
  • Recruitment Blitz
  • Survivor Blitz
  • Share the mission of the American Cancer Society with your community
  • Connect with your community and engage them in what you are doing
  • Keep planning the details for your local event
  • Support Team Captains, Individual Fundraisers, and Sponsors to keep them engaged throughout the year.
  • Stay Creative!

The American Cancer Society’s mission is to save lives, celebrate lives, and lead the fight for a world without cancer.

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